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    Radiaton global sales platform








    The company selects the best plan according to national standards, contracts and technical specifications, and tracks, monitors, inspects andensures the quality of the product;

    To meet the user's requirements in the process of product use, provide timely product maintenance services, technical services and product "three-pack" defect parts;

    When the product is found in the user's use process, it will respond within 2 hours after receiving the user's notice, or send out service personnel;

    Establish user service technical files for aftermarket tracking services;

    In order to make the operation of the equipment you purchase more stable, the user's operator is requested to fill in the operation records of the equipment carefully and perform operations, maintenance, and maintenance according to the operation instructions;

    The company firmly establishes the user is the idea of God, all for the user's consideration, timely, serious, pay attention to credibility, to the greatest extent possible to make users satisfied;

    The quality of the equipment in the company according to the contract implementation of the "three packages", after-sales service work by the quality assurance department;

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